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Wood Heating

A heat like that of no other, the radiant heat of a Wood Heater is unique. Nothing beats the charm and atmosphere of a naked flame and technology has seen Wood Heating advance to be more efficient and clean burning then ever before. With Wood Heaters in store to heat the smallest home up to a massive 350m2 (37+ Squares) and stocking some of Australia’s best Wood Heater brands Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water have your Wood Heater needs covered. Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water also offer an in store range of accessories to compliment your Wood Heater whether it be tool sets, door gaskets or fire screens.

Introducing The New Oblica Ove - Slow Combustion Wood Heater

Choose the original, most beautiful curved fireplace. Freestanding Ove (whose name means ‘egg’) with its rounded shape and unique dimensions, adds quiet confidence to any interior concept, heating efficiently and oozing designer flair.


  • Easily positioned due to compact size
  • Can burn up to 10 hours on a single load of fuel
  • Post-combustion technology
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made in France


Australasia’s largest manufacturer of Wood Heaters, Masport provide exceptional value for money and quality in every product in their range. Such is the confidence Masport have in their products they offer a 10 year Firebox Warranty on all of their Wood Heater products. Download the Masport wood heater brochure.



Built to cope with freezing Canadian winters, Regency Gas Fires and Wood Heaters are designed to be energy efficient and long lasting. Visually Regency products are spectacular with some of the most natural looking log fires available. Regency also have a large range of high efficiency Wood Heaters available to compliment their range of Gas Fires. Insert wood heater brochure and the Freestanding wood heater brochure.



No other wood burning stove can surpass Lopi’s performance or quality. It takes the best engineers and craftsman to make the best stoves and we’ve got them. Your new Lopi stove is guaranteed to have durable door hinges made of cold rolled steel, punched through the firebox and welded on the inside to hold the door permanently straight. The hinge pins are 20mm rivets. Your stove also has a 150mm, seamless, heavy duty steel cover and heavy gauge steel construction. When you buy a Lopi, you are buying the finest……‘We Guarantee It.’ Find out more about Lopi Freestanding and Inbuilt wood heaters.



Oblica was founded on the belief that a fireplace should do more than just heat well. It should be the beautiful and efficient heart of any home, a functional piece of art. That’s why they’re proud to be the Australian home for Europe’s best fireplace and stove brands: the makers of the most innovative contemporary designer fireplaces on Earth. Cick on this link to view full wood heater range.

Wood Heaters Ballarat

Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water Installs Wood Heaters in Ballarat

Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water has been offering the best heating, cooling and hot water solutions to our customers for over 30 years and wood heaters in Ballarat have enjoyed enduring popularity. Our wood fire heaters and wood heater installation service have proved unmatched by our competitors over the years. With wood fires having been one of our primary sources of heat since the dawn of time, and with modern innovation, this ancient form of heating, is more efficient than ever, offering unwavering, radiant heat.

Benefits of Ballarat Wood Heaters

Wood heaters are often overlooked as an antiquated model by many residents of Ballarat, something out of a bygone age and not comparable to other heating options such as hydronic or electric but the truth is that they are a viable option with many potential benefits. Here are a few of the biggest:

  • Many heating options add little to the décor in your home, either adding vents for ducts or other intrusive devices. Woodfire heaters are available in a variety of styles, finishes and sizes, which means you can find a model that compliments the interior design of your home.
  • Most of our customers who choose wood heaters in Ballarat do so for the exceptional quality of the heat they provide. Few other options can warm an area faster and more efficiently than a wood fire heater.
  • When the power goes out in Ballarat, systems that rely on electricity will cease to function, but not so with wood heaters. These models will continue to provide their heat as efficiently as before. Another benefit in a power outage for many wood-fired heaters is that you can use them for cooking.

Myths Regarding Wood Fire Heaters in Ballarat

No other type of product we offer comes with as many myths about it in the minds of our customers than wood-fired heaters. Because they are powered by burning wood, many people think of them along the same lines as the much less efficient fireplace with all its potential issues. In reality, they are very different. A few of the most common myths we hear about wood heaters include:

  • The environmental impact of wood heat. While fireplaces and other inefficient methods of wood heat do release a lot of smoke and particulate matter, our slow combustion models are designed to make the most out of every piece of wood, providing an incredibly efficient burn.
  • Some people worry about the safety of wood heat, but with the enclosed fire, they are just as safe as other options.
  • Many people consider them an option only for the colder months, but with the efficiency of modern models, they can provide comfortable heat in the spring and fall as well.

About Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water

We are a family-owned business, and while there have been many innovations in the industry over our 30 years in the industry, our dedication to our customers and offering them the highest quality work with only the best heating, cooling and hot water systems will never change. Our friendly and professional team is here to help you find the best method for your home and requirements. If you are interested in learning more about our wood fire heaters, employing our wood heater installation service or any of our other options, contact us today.


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