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Hydronic Heating

Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water are experts in the design & installation of Hydronic Heating Systems. Our experience and focus on the installation of the best quality hydronic components ensures complete peace of mind that your system will last and provide you with an exceptional heating experience for the life of your home. We provide a personalised consultation process from the inspection of your plans, explanation of the quotation and on site consult to ensure your system meets and exceeds your expectations.

What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic Heating is generally and most efficiently ‘powered’ by Natural Gas (although other fuel sources can be used) and is a system where hot water is used to provide heating for your home. In most cases, a ‘boiler’ heats water which is then pumped through piping to radiators or ‘in slab’ coils. Radiant heat is produced either via radiators or in your slab and your home is warmed without any noticeable air flow or the noise of a fan based Ducted System. As a result, there is little or no dust circulation which is perfect for those suffering from asthma or allergies and the air flow is almost completely silent. Hydronic heating also allows the option of having individual thermostats in any required room in your home which allows amazing temperature control and flexibility.

What’s the process to get a quote?

Call us and make an appointment to sit down with Karl at our La Trobe Street Showroom. The consultation generally takes about an hour and we have a large range of Hydronic Componentry on display for you to view. We will require a scale copy of your plans with window dimensions and once we have established your needs we will provide you with a full ‘turn key’ quotation that will be price competitive and most importantly, will be a quality system that will provide hassle free heating and last for many years.

Download the Bosch, Radiant and Radik Brochures.

Bosch Hydronic

Bosch Hydronic

Bosch has identified and established its own network of preferred Hydronic Heating Specialists. An accredited “Bosch Hydronic Specialist“ has the required knowledge and expertise to optimally design, install, and service hydronic heating systems incorporating Bosch hydronic boilers and accessories. These companies are long standing reputable businesses that specialize in hydronic heating and are the acknowledged leaders in their field.

Hydronic Heating System

Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water Can Supply and Install Your Hydronic Heating System

Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water has been servicing Ballarat and the Western District for over 30 years, and this includes offering a hydronic heating system. A hydronic heating system contains no ducts; hence, there is no noticeable airflow or noise, perfect for those who have issues with dust such as those with asthma and allergies. We supply everything we install and only after our team has determined that it is of exceptional quality.

Pros and Cons of Having Hydronic Heating in Ballarat

Our hydronic heating systems might remind you of the traditional radiator heaters, and while they have grown out of that design, the innovations in the industry have given them efficiency and power that those old heaters couldn’t match. Here are a few of the pros and cons to consider when you are thinking of a new hydronic heating system:

  • Of all systems powered by natural gas, there are few as efficient as hydronic heating. They consist of a boiler that is heated by natural gas, allowing the heated water to circulate through the in-slab coils or on the wall radiator to create radiant heat for your room.

Benefits of Bosch Hydronic Heating

With Bosch hydronic heating, you will experience the quality, reliability and comfort of one of the top German manufacturers in the industry. Of all the heating systems we offer, few are as reliable and straightforward as hydronic heating, nor offer the efficiency that they are known for; a few of the specific benefits of a Bosch system installed by our experienced team include:

  • We provide free quotes, but to get the best and most accurate estimate of costs, we need to sit down with you. In this consultation, we can show you all the options we offer to ensure you get the best system for your home and needs.
  • These systems are up to 24% more cost-effective to run than those using ducts.
  • Installation can be done under the floor or with Bosch’s elegant wall panels.

About Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water

Since we’ve been in business for over 30 years, we have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in heating, cooling, and hot water systems. We use this to help us focus on offering only the best systems to install in our customer’s homes and businesses. Combined with the quality of our work and competitive prices, it is no wonder that we have grown into the position we hold in the industry. When you want the best hydronic heating system, and you want it done right, contact us today.


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