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Solar Hot Water System

Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water can provide you with all of your Hot Water requirements in one central location. Whether it be a new premium Apricus Solar Hot Water System for your new home or a Rheem replacement Hot Water Service if your old Hot Water Service is on its’ last legs and needs to be replaced, Waldrons’ can provide you with the right product, service and quality installation.

As Ballarat’s authorised Apricus Solar Hot Water Service Dealer we can provide you with a full supply & installation service on Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems. Apricus have a reputation for being the best system on the market and provide you with a totally frost tolerant evacuated tubing Solar Hot Water System, perfect for the Ballarat region. Specified as a must by some of the regions’ quality builders Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems are the first choice for those wanting a quality system that provides outstanding results.

Did you know that you may be eligible for a government rebate?
Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water will also take care of all of your STC Government Rebate paperwork to take away all of the hassle in changing over to your new Hot Water System. Generous Government rebates are also available for those wanting to change over from an Electric Hot Water Service to a Gas replacement system. And what better to replace it with than a quality Rheem Hot Water Service from Waldron Heating, Cooling and Hot Water. Rheem has been manufacturing Hot Water Systems since 1939 and has an extensive range of quality Continuous, Gas Storage & Electric Hot Water Services all available from Waldron Heating Cooling & Hot Water. From the famous Rheem ‘Stellar’ Electric Hot Water System to the super efficient Rheem Metro ‘Max’ 26L Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System.

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The best Solar Hot Water System on the market! Super efficient, frost tolerant, solar passive and perfect for cold weather climates such as the Ballarat region, an Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Service is the logical and common sense choice when thinking Solar Hot Water in the Ballarat region. Lightweight and low maintenance why would you choose another Solar Hot Water System than an Apricus Solar Hot Water System! Get the brochure here.



Rheem is Australia’s favourite Hot Water system and it has been that way since 1939 when Rheem started making hot water heaters in Australia. Generations of Australian families have trusted and relied upon Rheem for water that is steady, hot & strong. View the range of Rheem Hot Water Services here.



A Rinnai hot water system is known for its tankless gas design and continuous flow operation. You get a continuous supply of hot water that never runs out and you save with Rinnai's energy efficient technology. ... Now there is also the brand new Rinnai Infinity Touch, with wireless remote control built right in.

Get Strategic About Your New Hot Water System

Whether you are picking out appliances for a brand-new home or replacing old, outdated appliances in your existing home, a reliable hot water system is a must. Few things are less pleasant than waking up for your morning shower only to find that you have no hot water. At Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water, we can help you get strategic with your hot water appliance selection, whether that means a solar option or taking advantage of government rebates.

Why Trust Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water When It Comes to Your Hot Water Service

When it comes to making plans for hot water service, it makes sense to think not just about the brand of appliance you are buying, but also about from whom you are buying it. Here are a few reasons to work with Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water for your hot water needs.

  • Our extensive background. Our business has been operating for 30 years. In that time, we have helped many homeowners with their hot water services, as well as their home heating and cooling needs. Our reputation and track record in this niche speak for themselves.
  • Our work guarantees. In addition to any manufacturer warranties on the hot water system you choose, know that we also provide a six-year guarantee on our installation and setup work.
  • Our focus on helping you save money and energy. We know that many customers aren’t just aiming to get a high-quality appliance but are also seeking to buy on a budget or select a water heater that will reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint (along with their monthly energy bill). We can help with both. Some of the water heaters we sell are solar-powered and well-regarded for their performance and their energy-efficiency. You may also be eligible for a government rebate; which we will help you redeem.

Important Facts about the Rinnai Hot Water System

We typically work with three different brands of hot water system: Apricus, Rheem and Rinnai. Apricus is the finest solar-powered hot water service on the market, while Rheem is one of the longest-running brands in the industry and is Australia’s favourite water heater. Here are a few details to know about Rinnai hot water systems:

  • They are tankless. Rinnai is known first and foremost for the fact that its water heaters are tankless. This design saves space without negatively impacting the amount of hot water you have on tap.
  • They deliver ‘endless hot water.’ Rinnai’s bold claim is that its hot water systems are capable of providing endless hot water. Where traditional water heaters heat water in a tank—and then run out of hot water when the tank is emptied—Rinnai gas water heaters are designed to heat water quickly as it travels through the pipes. This factor makes Rinnai systems especially great for large households, where four or five morning showers can quickly drain the hot water tank.
  • They are energy-efficient. While Rinnai hot water systems are not solar-powered, they are still energy efficient. The reason is that the system only heats water when a faucet in the house is calling for hot water, using ‘ultra-efficient heating coils’ to get the job done quickly. Since there is no storage tank where water needs to be kept warm in anticipation of use, these systems use less energy—40 percent less, according to Rinnai—than traditional hot water systems.

About Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water Servicer

For the past 30 years, Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water has been helping homeowners in Ballarat get more out of their home heating, cooling and hot water systems. To learn more about us, or to enquire about our hot water service installations, get in touch today.


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